November 20

Marin Women’s Commission Invite Marin Women to Join National Survey


Marin Women’s Commission Invitation to the Women of Marin County !

The National Association of Commissions for Women is conducting a national survey, asking women living in the U.S. to tell us what their top five issues or concerns as women are.  We want to be sure that the voices of the women in Marin County are included in this survey.  The questionnaire is brief – it takes just a few minutes to complete  – and it will give us important information.

Please click on this link and take the survey.  Share the link with your friends, colleagues, associates, networks.  Let’s get as many women from our community as possible to share their concerns.  It’s quick and easy.  Just click on this link: Voices of Women in America

The National Association of Commissions for Women is 501(C)(3) organization representing the women’s advisory boards established by city, county and state governments across the country.  The commissions for women/Commissions on the Status of Women were created specifically to advise their local governments on the concerns of women in their jurisdictions.  You can help them do that well by completing the Voices of Women in America survey.





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