Increase the Visibility of Female Role Models in the Community

A picture paints a thousand words and that’s why the Marin Women’s Commission has embarked on a program to raise the profile of those individuals and organizations that highlight and encourage the success of women and girls.  By showing the success of women and girls in a variety of areas from business to sports, from arts to science and everything in between, other women see and can emulate positive role models. Read more about our Recognized Role Models

The Female Lens and Inclusion

The Commission is partnering with local organizations, agencies and groups to make sure that they are specifically working to attract and present women in their activities.  If they are hosting a science fair, we are asking, “How are you attracting more girls to participate in your Fair?” If they are having a workshop on housing, we are working to make sure the women in our community know about it and that topics specific to their needs are being covered.  When a panel of speakers is being assembled, we are asking that women are equally represented and we assist in connecting the organization to qualified women.

Teen Girl Knowledge

Knowledge is power and for many years the Marin Women’s Commission has hosted the Teen Girl Conference.  The Conference is held annually with hundreds of girls attending to learn about topics that are of specific interest to them.  Each year Teen Ambassadors are selected from County schools and work with the school student bodies to develop a list of workshop topics.  Ambassadors meet regularly to develop the day’s events. Working hands on with a team of Commissioners, the Ambassadors develop invaluable leadership skills. Read more… 

Teen Girl Leadership

Each year over twenty girls are selected to be Teen Ambassadors for the Teen Girl Conference and work alongside Commissioners to create and organize the Teen Girl Conference.  From this group of Ambassadors a small group of teens is also selected to be presenters at the YWCA Women’s Hall of Fame Gala. In 2018, the Marin Commission named its first Teen Leader of the Year who was also honored at the YWCA  Women’s Hall of Fame Gala and in a ceremony at a Marin Women’s Commission Meeting.

Resources for Women

The Yellow Card is a list of agencies, organizations and groups specifically for the needs of women.  Wallet sized version are handed out at events and in are available at many of our partner’s locations.  In addition, an online and pdf version are available on our website.  

Reading List

We love to read and Promote Positive Role Models in Print!  The Marin Women’s Commission maintains a list of books that are by women authors, are about women or have strong female lead characters.  Online you can easily sort by categories such as fiction, non-fiction, history, young adult, LGBT and other categories. Copies of the Marin Women’s Recommended Reading List are available through the County’s libraries as well. Read more…



Often the greatest impact can be achieved through legislative changes.  The Marin Women’s Commission has worked to eliminate inequities in state and local laws and practices. The Commission provides leadership through research, education, collaboration and advocates for legislation that directly affects women and girls.  The Commission has been instrumental in advancing local legislation supporting efforts to curtail human trafficking, administer the Consent Decree and provide additional resources for women and girls affected by domestic violence. Recently, the Commission has supported legislation that ensures equal pay for women, has advocated for the United Nations Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women in California and worked to increase pre-kindergarten educational offerings for children in Marin County.


In 1980 the Marin Women’s Commission was asked by the National Organization for Women to monitor the Consent Decree regarding County hiring practices.  The Commission periodically reviews and reports on progress as outlined by the Decree. Read more… 


From time to time, certain issues are brought to the attention of the Marin Women’s Commission that require attention.  In 2017, the process around transporting victims of sexual assault for SART exams was brought to the Commission. The Commission is currently in the process of gathering information and an understanding of the past and present processes.  

In 2013/14 the Commission embarked on a study of human trafficking in Marin County and delivered a report and recommendation to the Board of Supervisors. The Report put a new spotlight on Human Trafficking in the County and resulted in a number of steps being taken by various agencies and non-profits to address the issue.

A Long Legacy

The work done today by the current Commission is informed by and is a continuation of past efforts.  Since 1974, the Marin Women’s Commission has been working on behalf of all women in Marin. Read about past work here.